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  JIAAP Abstract

Special Issue, 2015


Volume 41, Number 3

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2015 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

1. Assessment in Psychology
Projective Techniques Usage Worldwide: A Review of Applied Settings 1995-2015
Chris Piotrowski
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Evaluation of Inter-Rater Agreement and Inter-Rater Reliability for Observational Data: An Overview of Concepts and Methods
Shweta, R.C. Bajpai, & H. K. Chaturvedi
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A Pilot Study of Self-Actualization Activity Measurement
Jeevan F. D’Souza, C. Kelly Adams and Brian Fuss
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Underload in Organizational Roles: Development and Validation of Framework for Measurement
Avinash Kumar Srivastav
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Development and Validation of a Tool to Assess the Sources and Severity of Stress in Medical Undergraduates
Sandhya Cherkil, Seby J Gardens, & Deepak Kuttikattu Soman
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2. Sports & Exercise Psychology, Educational Psychology, Organizational Psychology
Sport Psychology: the Ultimate Spring Board of Excellence
Jitendra Mohan
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Obesity and Exercise in Relation to Gender Role Identity and Exercise Avoidance Motivation in Adults
Mahuya Bhattacharyya and Subrata Dasgupta
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Perceived Stress in Clinical Areas and Emotional Intelligence among Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Bindu John and Munira Al-Sawad
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Negative Affectivity, Coping Strategies and Burnout among School Teachers
Hanfa Nazeer and Aisha Zubair
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Role of Trustworthy Behaviour in Turnover Intention among Front Level Managerial Personnel
A.P. Singh and Amish
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Relationship between Supportive Leadership, Mental Health Status and Job Satisfaction of Male and Female Civil Police Constables
Mahesh Kumar Maurya and Manisha Agarwal
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Moral Decision Making of Business Managers in India
Shreshtha Yadav, Neena Kohli and Vivek Tiwari
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3. Health, Neuropsychology & Counseling Psychology
The Role of Life Style in Development of Coronary Heart Disease
Sushama J. Bhosale
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Gaze Pattern on Spontaneous Human Face Perception: An Eye Tracker Study
Bhavani Shankara Bagepally
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Impairments in Event based Prospective Memory as a function of Developmental Progression
Nisha Malik, Amrita Yadava and NovRattan Sharma
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Personality Disorders and Psychiatric Comorbidity among Persons with Gender Identity Disorder
Esmaiel Shirdel Havar , Ramezan Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Moshkani, Azam Kaboosi & Kamran Yasrebi
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Evaluation and Comparison of the Effects of Time Perspective Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Narrative Therapy on Severity of Symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Mehdi Esfahani, Mohammad Bagher Kjbaf and Mohammad Reza Abedi
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4. Environmental, Cultural and Community Psychology
Some Correlates of Pro-environmental Behavior
Ishita Chatterjee and Sravasti Dey
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The Effect of Viewing Nature and Urban Pictures on Affect and Cognition
Aninha Lobo, Hemalatha Ramachandran and Arpit Tiwari
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Self-perceived Character Strengths in Urban Indian Youth: Observations and Reflections
Ravikesh Tripathi, Humera Banu & Seema Mehrotra
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The Relationship between Epistemic Curiosity and Social Desirability among Indian Students
Amuda Agneswaran and Aakankshi Javeri
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Demographic Correlates of Poly-Victimization in Street Children of Lahore City
Zohaib Bashir and Rabia Dasti
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Relationship between Perceived Discrimination and Depression: Moderating Role of Belief in Just World among Transgender in Punjab
Shahida Sadiq and Aneeza Bashir
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5. Book Review
Prof. S. Sultan Akhtar: Tributes and Remembrances
Sushma Sharma
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