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Volume 43, Number 2

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2017 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

01. Editorial
Jayanti Basu, Editor, JIAAP
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02. Theoretical Articles
Archetypes Based on Maslow’s Need Hierarchy
Jeevan D’Souza and Michael Gurin
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The Utility of Projective Techniques in Pain Assessment:An Historical Review
Chris Piotrowski
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03. Cognitive Psychology
Relationship Between Social Skills Development and Achievement in Thinking and Life Style Course Mediated by Metacognitive Strategies in Shahin Shahr
Fatemeh Kargarfard Isfahani & Zohreh Saadatmand
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Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Reaction Time During Vigilance Task Performance
Naveen, Tarun Mishra, Trayambak Tiwari, Indramani Lal Singh, Anju L. Singh & Tara Singh
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04. Organizational Psychology
Resilience of Millennial Leaders in the Indian I.T. Industry
Bargavi. N, Anand A. Samuel, & P. James Daniel Paul
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Role of Occupational Stress and Social Support in Negative Mental Health among Women Employees in Banking Sectors
Archana Upadhyay* and Ashok Pratap Singh
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Organizational Justice as a Predictor of Organizational Commitment in Automobile Dealerships in Delhi, National Capital Region
Shivangi Kaul and Abha Singh
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05. Psychometry and Scale development
Standardization of Scale for Measuring Attitudes towards Substance Use
Nanda S. & Smriti Verma
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Factor structure of the Hewitt Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (HMPS) in young Indian adults
Sudhir, P. M. Sharma M., Prathyusha P.V., Philip, M.
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Adaptation of Psychometric Tests for Identifying Borderline Personality Disorder Patients in India
Shalini Choudhary
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06. Social and Clinical Psychology
A Focus Group Study to Explore Grief experiences among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Raman Krishnan, Paul S. S.Russell, Sushila Russell
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Role of Mental Image, and Personality in Emotions and Affect among NCC Cadets
Bhupender Singh and B. R. Shejwal
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Role of Adjustment as a Mediator Variable between Cultural Intelligence andWell-Being
Nishtha Mehra & Navdeep Singh Tung
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Socio-demographic Determinants and Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among Malaysian University Students
Prashanth Talwar, Mohd Kamal Othman, Abg Ekhsan Abg Othman, Mohamed Sharif Mustaffa, Yasir Hayat Mughal
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Involuntary Retirement Due To Injury In Elite Athletes From Competitive Sport: A Qualitative Approach
Nupur Kaul
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07. Developmental Psychology
Lexical Density and Diversity in The Written Language of Adolescents Between 10 – 16 Years of Age
Sudhin Karuppali, Sonia Babu and Jayashree S. Bhat
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08. Brief paper
Field notes on Youth Pro: An Initiative for youth mental health promotion in India
Seema Mehrotra, Noufal T.H., Satish Kumar, Janhavi Devdutt, Jyotsna Agrawal, Prabha Chandra
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09. Letter to the Editor
The Need for a Culture-Fair Model of Human Optimal Functioning
Antonella Delle Fave
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