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  JIAAP Abstract

July, 2012


Volume 38, Number 2

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2012 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

1.Well Being and Mental Health
Mutuality of Mind and Body: Role of Supernatural Elements in Human Wellbeing
R.S. Pirta
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Does Trait Predict Psychological Well- Being among Students of Professional Courses?
Akhilendra K. Singh, Sadhana Singh and A. P. Singh
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Psychological Well-Being among Bank Employees
Shah Alam and Kainat Rizvi
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Perceptions of Medical Practitioners and Faith Healers about Mental Health Issues
Pallavi Bhatnagar, Anupama Srivastava, Megha Singh, Priya Mishra, Nudrat J. Sadaf and Nehashree Srivastava
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Gender, Age and Regional Perspectives of Mental Health in Armed Forces Aspirants
T. Purushothaman and Nagle, Y.K.
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Yoga, Cognition and Mental Health
Diya Nangia and Rekha Malhotra
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2.Depression and Anxiety
Therapeutic Interventions for the Major Depressive Disorder of Male Patients
C.Bhaskar, and R. Kannappan
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Proactive Coping Skills and State-Trait Anxiety of Women Teacher Students
Mohammad Sheikhiani and Bindu P. Nair
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Impact of Assertiveness Training and Family Economic Condition on the subscale of Anxiety and insomnia of mental health
Seyed Younes Mohammadi Yousef Nejad
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3.Regular Articles
Learn to influence yourself: Full range self-leadership training
Marco R. Furtner, Pierre Sachse, and Silvia Exenberger
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Variants of the Indian Gender Role Identity Scale (IGRIS) for Different Age Groups in Bengali Population
Jayanti Basu, Subrata Dasgupta, Urmi Chakraborty, and Sipra Basu
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Psychological Factors of Post Military Aircrew Selection: A Clinical Perspective
Catherine Joseph
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Personality as a predictor of burnout in managers of manufacturing industries
A.V.S. Madnawat, and Pankaj Mehta
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Impact of Occupational Self efficacy on Employee Engagement: An Indian Perspective
Richa Chaudhary, Santosh Rangnekar and Mukesh Kumar Barua
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Impact of Education on Optimism/Pessimism
Mina Daraei and Ali Reza Ghaderi
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Influence of Socio – Demographic Factors on Job Burnout of Standard and Industry Employees
Baqer Kord
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Work Motivation Vis-a-Vis Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Durba Pal and S.K. Dasgupta
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Impact of Daily Hassles on Job Satisfaction of Nurses and Physiotherapists
A. Velayudhan, and S. Gayatridevi
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Role Stressors as Predictors of Psychological Strain among Academic Officers of Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions
Kassim Kimo Kebelo and T.V.Ananda Rao
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Impact of Achievement Goals, Sociability and Gender on Academic Achievement of University Students
Irsa Fatima, Saba Ghayas, and Adnan Adil
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Emotional Intelligence and Self Esteem in Cannabis Abusers
Dharmender Kumar Nehra, Vibha Sharma, Huda Mushtaq, NovRattan Sharma, Monika Sharma, and Sheetal Nehra
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Psychological Perspectives on Language Acquisition: Implications for Second Language Instruction
P. Bhaskaran Nair
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