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  JIAAP Abstract

January 2015


Volume 41, Number 1

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2015 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

1.Special Features
The Importance of Individual Differences in Students and Teachers and their Interaction with Culture: The Indian Context
Walter Renner, Christine Gabali, and Panch. Ramalingam
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2.School Psychology
Adolescents’ Drawings about School and School Subjects: Perspectives of Youth from India Compared with Youth from Seven Other Countries
Deborah A. Stiles, Alisha L. Mc Elrath, Jane E. Lucas, Janaki Rajan, and Garima Goel Gupta
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Professional Identity of School Counselors in India
S. Venkatesan, and H.R. Shyam
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Signifi cant Predictors of Reading Profi ciency in English among Hindi Medium School Students
Sheetal, Amrita Yadava, and Novrattan Sharma
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Memory Impairments in Children with Specifi c Learning Disabilities
Nice Mary Francis P., and Immanuel Thomas
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3.Depression and Aggression
Perceptual Asymmetry in Depression: Do information Processing Demands and Methodologies have any Role?
Garima Gupta, and Rakesh Pandey
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Impact of Transactional Analysis on Depressive and Aggressive Adolescent Students
Bharathi Kulashekara, and Venkatesh Kumar, G
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4.Organizational Climate and Behaviour
The Moderating Effect of Strength of Organisational Climate on the Organisational Outcomes
Promila Agarwal
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Role of Perceived Organizational Support in the Relationship between Role Overload and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Akhilendra K. Singh, Ashok P. Singh, Sandeep Kumar, and Vinod Kumar Gupta
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5.Regular Articles
Cultural intelligence as a Predictor of Acculturative Stress and Psychological Wellbeing among College Students
Mohammad Ayoob, Navshad Wani, Manzoor Ahmad, Maryam Jan, and Barkat Dar
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Influence of Optimism, Parental Expectations and Peer Attachment on Subjective Happiness of Female College Students
Vithya. V., Karunanidhi. S., and Sasikala. S.
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Psychological Predictors of Facebook Use
Ankita Ghosh and Subrata Dasgupta
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Personality Characteristics and Identity Styles of Iranian Students
Esmaiel Shirdel, Mohammad Moshkani, Mohammad Ali Vakili, Mohammad Ahmadi, and Azam Kaboosi
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An Analysis of Deductive Reasoning: A Review Supported by Neuro-Physiological Evidences
Arindam Bhattacharjee and Lopamudra Choudhury
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How Engaged are Indian youth? Exploring Behavioral Indicators of Youth Engagement
Rajeev J Michael and Seema Mehrotra
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Relationship between Shyness and Adolescent Problems
D.K. Shankaralinge Gowda and Lancy D’Souza
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The Rorschach Factor Structure and Personality Assessment of Normal Indian Adults
Shweta, Ram C. Bajapi , and Amool R. Singh
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Resilience in Relation with Personality, Cognitive Styles and Decision Making Styles
Ambrien Ahmed
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Life Skill Training and Mental Health of Employed Women
Abdol Mohammad Khajeian, Batool Ahmadi, Saharnaz Nejat, Faramarz Kashkooli, and Akram Ansarifar
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Family Climate as a Predictor of Emotional Intelligence in Adolescent
Archana Chandran and Bindu P Nair
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6.Book Review
Consciousness Quest: Where East Meets West: On Mind, Meditation, and Correlates
J.P. Das
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Psychology of Disorganised Personality
Ranjit Singh and Rekha Sinha
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Social Psychology of Health: The Issues and Concerns in India.
Urmi Nanda Biswas
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Instructions to Authors
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