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  JIAAP Abstract

February, 2011


Vol 37

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2011 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

1.Special Features
Life Skills Education for Young Adolescents – Indian Experience
M.N. Vranda and M.Chandrasekhar Rao
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2.Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health
Emotional Intelligence or Nonverbal Intelligence: Which is a Better Predictor of Athletes’ Positive Mental Health?
Santhosh Ayathupady Mohanan, Abdul Halim Mokhtar
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Work-Family Interference and Well-being in Indian Women: Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence
Anju Rani and C. R. Darolia
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Self-efficacy and Mental Health of Women Teacher Students
Mohammad Sheikhiani and Bindu P. Nair
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3.Stress, Depression and Anxiety
Personal Influences in Depression among Female Adolescents
Sandeep Singh and Tanu
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Effect of Mindfulness based Self Control Therapy on Perceived Stress, Self-efficacy and Well being of Depressed Patients
R. Kannappan and Vimal Anand
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Enhanced Right Hemispheric Performance in Depression: Role of Co-occurring Anxiety and Task Variation
Garima Gupta and Rakesh Pandey
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Influence of Premature Ejaculation on Depression
Ali Reza Ghaderi and B. Rangaiah
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Correlates of Personality, Diversity, Decision-Making and Affective Well Being of Management Students
Ambrien Ahmed and N. Hasnain
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Stress and Work Life of College Teachers
Dhrub Kumar and J M Deo
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4.Gender Difference
Interpersonal Needs of Management Students: Facilitator in the Choice of Electives
Ekta Sharma
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Need Saliency and Students’ Involvement of University’s Students
Kalpana Sahoo
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Eve Teasing: Role of the Patriarchal System of the Society
Deepa Ghosh
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Relationship between Spirituality and Anger among Women
Meena Sunderrajan and V.D.Swaminathan
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5.Regular Articles
Does Caffeine-Induced Arousal Reduce Mental Workload during High-demanding Vigilance Task?
Trayambak Tiwari, Anju L. Singh and Indramani L. Singh
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Resilience, Behaviour Approach and Inhibition among Adolescents
Annalakshmi, N
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Configurational Imagery Experience in Sighted and Visually Impaired Children
Gandhi, T.K., Khurana, A., Santhosh, J., and Anand, S.
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Impact of CBT on Self Efficacy and Academic Achievement in Adolescent Students
Venkatesh Kumar, G. and Lissamma Sebastian
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The Relationship between Birth Order Theory and Past Academic Performance of Management Students
Vijendra Kumar S.K.
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Astro-Psychotherapeutic Effect on Pathological Gamblers
M.G. Sharma and Vandana Sharma
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Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Family Involvement in Organizational Citizenship Behaviour among First Level Mangers
Akhilendra K. Singh and A. P. Singh
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Predictors of Marital Adjustment: The Communication Skills and Sexual Satisfaction
Yahya Kazemi and Zahra Nikmanesh
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