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JIAAP July 2022
Understanding “Well-being” from the perspective of Adolescents:clipAn Exploratory study
N Ahil, Uma Hirisave and Seema Mehrotra
Well-being is an important construct in the field of positive psychology, which focuses on building the best qualities in life than just repairing the worst things. Well-being in psychology is seen traditionally from two perspectives: hedonic and eudaimonic. Hedonic perspective describes well- being in terms of pain avoidance and pleasure attainment. Eudaimonic perspective describes well- being in terms of optimal functioning. These models of well-being are based on research on western adult population. The current study aimed to explore how Adolescents conceptualize “Well-Being”. 20 adolescents in the age group 12-17 years were recruited for this study. 10 participants were recruited from the community and the other 10 from the psychiatric hospital setting (NIMHANS, OPD). The participants were recruited through convenience sampling method. Semi-structured interview was administered telephonically to understand adolescent’s perception of well-being and components of well-being after obtaining consent from parent and assent from adolescents. The information given by adolescents were transcribed and analysed. Directed qualitative content analysis was used to interpret the information. Sample as whole is considered for analysis as there were no significant differences between the participants in both groups. The findings from the analysis indicate adolescents view well-being from both hedonic and eudaimonic perspective. The findings of the present study may help developing a culturally appropriate well-being intervention for adolescents.