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JIAAP July 2022
Attitude and Employees’ Information Security Performance in Information Network Security Agency (INSA)
Anemut Mehari
This study was aimed to assess the relationship between employees’ attitude and information security (InfoSec) performance in the Ethiopian, INSA context. Accordingly, attitude was treated as the independent variable, while InfoSec performance was treated as a dependent variable. A correlational research design was employed. A total of 320 participants were selected using a stratified random sampling technique. AIS and ISP scales were administered to collect the quantitative data. Based on the suitability of the data and research questions designed, both descriptive statistics such as percent and frequency and inferential statistics such as independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson Correlation, and regression data analysis methods were performed. Accordingly, the present study revealed the following findings. First, employees InfoSec performance significantly differed by their sex and educational levels. Second, attitude significantly related to and predicted the employees’ InfoSec performance. Based on the findings of the study some recommendations are forwarded for different stakeholders.