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JIAAP July 2022
Dispositional Mindfulness and Academic Performance Among Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Psychological Well-Being
Akhilendra K. Singh and Sadhana Singh
Mindfulness is a state of mind characterized by the awareness of the ‘here-and-now.’ Studies in the recent decade have found that mindfulness can lead to a positive change in students’ performance. The mechanisms and effects of mindfulness on academic performance among adolescents in developing countries have been less elaborated in previous studies. This paper examines the relationship between mindfulness, and the academic performance of school students and explores the role of psychological well-being in this relation. Through a survey with 144 students of CBSC Schools, this study corroborates the positive association between mindfulness, psychological well-being, and academic performance. This study adds empirical evidence to the roles of mindfulness in students’ academic and personal development. It also explores the pathway through which mindfulness is related to academic performance. The findings provide implications for addressing students’ academic challenges and conducting further research among school-going children in India and beyond.