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JIAAP Full text October 2009

October, 2009


Volume 35, Special Issue

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2009 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Special Features
9 Effects of Automation Reliability and Training on Automation-induced Complacency and Perceived
Mental Workload

Anju L. Singh, Trayambak Tiwari and Indramani L. Singh
Self-esteem and Psychological Well-Being
23 Effectiveness of Self Focused Intervention for Enhancing Students' Well-Being
Kamlesh Singh and Rajneesh Choubisa
33 Self-esteem and Academic Achievement of Adolescents
Shobhna Joshi and Rekha Srivastava
40 The Role of Flow Experience in Human Happiness
Fakir Mohan Sahoo and Rajnandini Sahu
48 Hardiness Personality, Self-Esteem and Occupational Stress among IT Professionals
S.Subramanian and M.Vinothkumar
57 Perceived Parental Rearing Style and Personality among Khasi adolescents
R.N. Rai, R.C.Pandey, and Kishore Kumar
61 Impact of Life Skill training on Self-esteem, Adjustment and Empathy among Adolescents
Pooja Yadav and Naved Iqbal
Organisational Behaviour
71 Alexithymia and Managerial Styles: Implications in Indian Organizations
Arti Sengupta and Vijai. N. Giri
78 Psychological Capital as Predictors of Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship

M.G. Shahnawaz and Md. Hassen Jafri
85 Perception of Housing Environment among High Rise Dwellers of Kolkata City
Mohua Chatterjee
Regular Articles
93 Assessing the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Occupational Self- Efficacy and Organizational Commitment
Neerpal Rathi and Renu Rastogi
103 The Impact of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) on Adolescents with Conduct Disorder (CD)
G. Venkatesh Kumar
112 Resilience, Meta-cognition and Complexity
Annalakshmi Narayanan
119 Exploring Human Relationship with God as a Secure Base
Anupam Kumari and R. S. Pirta
125 Religiosity, Gender Vs Value priorities
Shimelis Dejene Yegletu and M.V.R. Raju
131 Cognitive Styles among Children and Adults in Tribal and Urban Contexts
Rangaiah, B., Mewa Singh, and Gadheri, A.R.
136 Presumptive General Physical Activity, Psychological Distress and Autonomic Activity
Shalini Singh and Rajbir Singh
142 The Measurement of Job Characteristics in Context to Indian Work Scenario
Shanti Suman and A.K. Srivastava
148 Aptitude Battery for Personnel below Officer Rank in Indian Army
Soumi Awasthy and Gurpreet Kaur
154 Coping with Surgery and Accompanying Environmental Changes
Sushmita Upadhyay
163 Neuropsychological and Behavioural Evaluations
Smita A. Desai and Sanjeev V. Kothare
173 Information for Authors
175 Prof. Anima Sen Award for Excellence in Research