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JIAAP Full text July 2009

July, 2009


Volume 35, Number 2

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2009 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Special Features
181 Status of Military Psychology in India: A Review
Swati Mukherjee, Updesh Kumar, and Manas K. Mandal
Mental Health and Well-being
195 Integrating Social Representations Theory and Bio-psycho-social Model for Intervention in Mental Health
Alankrita Singh Maurya
203 Mental Health and Cognitive Representations of People Experiencing Spirit Possession
Seema Thakur and R. S. Pirta
211 Psychological Well-Being in Professional Groups
Fakir Mohan Sahoo and Lisa Mohapatra
219 The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Job Burnout on Mental and Physical Health
Mohammad Ali Mohammadyfar, Mahmmod S. Khan, and Bahman Kord Tamini
227 Self-Efficacy and Well-Being of Adolescents
Bhupinder Singh and Rakhi Udainiya
233 Psychological Capital as Predictor of Psychological Well Being
Sandeep Singh and Mansi
Self-Esteem and Depression
239 Self - Esteem of Depressive Patients
Sibnath Deb and Anjana Bhattacharjee
245 Self - Esteem and Emotional Stability of Visually Challenged Students
Majda Tarannum and Naima Khatoon
251 Perceived Sex Role and Fear of Success in Depression of Working Women
Anita Sharma, Chander Prabha and Dalip Malhotra
Regular Articles
257 Intervention for Reducing the Distress of Schizophrenic Patients
R. Kannappan
265 Task Demand and Workload: Effects on Vigilance Performance and Stress
Trayambak Tiwari, Anju L. Singh and Indramani L. Singh
277 The Effect of Obsession Thoughts on Intelligences Achievement Relationship of Late Adolescents
Partha Malakar, Jayanti Basu, and Anindita Chaudhuri,
283 Perceived Overqualification, Job Satisfaction, Somatization and Job Stress of MNC Executives
J. Nicolas Benedict, S. Gayatridevi, and A.Velayudhan,
291 Does Personality Predict Organisational Citizenship Behaviour among Managerial Personnel
Akhilendra K. Singh and A. P. Singh
299 Cognitive Behaviour Group Therapy in Mathematics Anxiety
Ayatollah Karimi and S Venkatesan
305 Employees' Perception of Diversity Climate: Role of Psychological Contract
Surendra Kumar Sia, and Gopa Bhardwaj
313 Changing Gender Identity of Emerging Adults
Neha Tiwari and Rehana Ghadially
323 Self-Efficacy of Agricultural Farmers: A Case Study
Debdulal Dutta Roy
329 Psychological Distress, Coping and Subjective Wellbeing among Infertile Women
Hardeep Lal Joshi, Rohtash Singh and Bindu
Book Reviews
337 Sibnath Deb and Anjana Bhattacharjee (2009). Mental Depression the Silent Killer
Reviewed by Tilman Furnise
337 Girishwar Misra (Ed) (2006).Psychological Theory and Teaching Profession
Reviewed by Arun Tipandjan
338 Raghubir Singh Pirta (2009). Pastoralism and The Tribesman of Mountain
Reviewed by H.C.Negi
338 Nalin K.Shastree, B.R.Dugar, J.P.N.Mishra and A.K.Dhar (2006).Value Management in Professions
Reviewed by S. Suresh
338 Komilla Thapa, Meera Varma, Chandranshu Sinha and Rama Charan Tripathi (2008). Understanding
Underachievement in School Children

Reviewed by S. Suresh
339 Sibnath Deb, and Aparna Mukherjee (2009). Impact of Sexual Abuse on Mental Health of Children
Reviewed by Barbara L.Bonner
339 M.Rajamanickam (Ed) (2006). Psychological Perspective of HIV & AIDS,
Reviewed by Ram Lakhan
340 Girishwar Misra (Ed) (1999). Psychological Perspectives on Stress and Health
Reviewed by Arun Tipandjan
341 Irmel Marla and Kamal Taori (2009). Operationalising Holistic Human Development
Reviewed by Ram Lakhan
341 Sankar Sen and Jayashree Ahuja (2009). Trafficking in Women and Children Myths
and Realities Reviewed by Justice Shivarai V.Patil
210 Prof. Anima Sen Award for Excellence in Research
342 Information for Authors