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JIAAP Full text July 2008

July, 2008


Volume 34, Number 2

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2008 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Stress, Anxiety and Coping Strategies
215 Mental Health and Stress among Call Center Employees
Sushma Suri and Saba Rizvi
221 Coping in Parents of the Mentally Challenged
G. Ramesh Upadhyaya and N.B. Havalappanavar
227 Psychological Stress and Coping Strategies of the Parents of Mentally Challenged Children
Venkatesh Kumar, G.
233 Effectiveness of Guided Mastery Treatment for Reducing Test - Anxiety among Self-Efficacious Students
Roshan Lal Zinta
241 Information Technology-induced Stress and Human Performance: A Critical Review
Trayambak Tiwari, Anju L. Singh and Indramani L. Singh
251 Personality and Occupational Stress Differentials of Female School Teachers in Haryana
Meena Kumari
259 Suicidal Ideation in Relation to Depression, Life Stress and Personality among College Students
Rohtash Singh and Hardeep Lal Joshi
267 Work Stress and Health as Predictors of Organizational Commitment
Saurabh Kr. Tiwari and P.C. Mishra
Gender Studies
279 Gender Differences in Relational Aggression and Psychosocial Problems in Romantic Relationships among Youths
Sunil Saini and Jaswant Singh
287 Relationship between Panic Attacks and Aggression with Respect to Age and Gender
Sadia Niazi and Adnan Adil
295 Personality Patterns of Higher Secondary Boys across Different Demographic Groups
Manju Mehta, Prachi Maheshwari and V.Vineeth kumar
303 Personality Characteristics of Commerce and Engineering Graduates - A Comparative Study
Vijaya Lakshmi Nagarjuna and Sireesha Mamidenna
309 Women Empowerment and Personal Values as Predictors of Reproductive Health
Sushma Pandey and Manjari Singh
Regular Articles
317 Relationship between Shyness and Guidance Needs among Adolescents
Lancy D'Souza, Gururaj B Urs and Jayaraju R
323 Achievement Motivation as a Function of Gender, Economic Background and Caste Differences in College Students
R.K. Adsul and Vikas Kamble
329 Children's Theory of Mind: Educational, School and Instructional Implications
Bhaswati Patnaik
337 Ego-Identity Status and Its Relationship with Self-Esteem in a Group of Late Adolescents
Rituparna Basak and Anjali Ghosh
345 Religious Belief and its Relation to Psychological Well-being
Shobhna Joshi, Shilpa Kumari and Madhu Jain
355 Book Review
358 Information for the Authors