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JIAAP Full text January 2009

January, 2009


Volume 35, Number 1

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2009 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Special Features
9 A Multicriterial Approach to Creativity for Realistic Divergent Thinking Problems
Narendra K. Sharma and Deepika Rastogi
17 NEO-PI-R Factor Structure in College Students
Kamlesh Singh
Anxiety, Stress and Depression
27 Effect of Yoga Intervention on Anxiety and Subjective well-being
Jadhav, S. G., and Havalappanavar, N. B.
33 Depression, Anxiety and Stress among the Indian and Iranian students
Ghaderi, A.R., Venkatesh Kumar, G., and Sampath Kumar.
39 Effects of Integral Meditation on Peace in Young Adult Non-regular Meditators
Rupashree Khubalkar, and Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj
47 Management of Stress and Coping Behaviour of Police Personnel through Indian Psychological

Randhir Singh Ranta
57 Intervention as an Adjunct to Drug Therapy for Childhood Depression
R. Kannappan
63 Perceived Discrepancy between Self and Parents in Setting Life Goals and Subjective Well Being
Rakesh Pandey and Shipra Singh
73 Depression and Life Style in Indian Ageing Women
Madhu Mathur
Emotional Intelligence
79 Perceived Emotional Intelligence and Marital Adjustment: Examining the Mediating Role of Personality
and Social Desirability

Suvarna Joshi and Nutankumar S. Thingujam.
87 Exploring the Relative Relevance of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Emotional Intelligence
Ajay K Jain.
99 Alienation and Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents with Internalising Symptoms
Anupama Shrivastava and Anjana Mukhopadhyay.
Personality Studies
107 Personality Type and Cued Vigil Performance
Upagya Rai and Indramani L. Singh.
113 Impact of Sexual Abuse on Personality Disposition of Girl Children
Sibnath Deb and Aparna Mukherjee.
Regular Articles
121 Development and Field Trial of a Hassles Measure for Indian Adolescents
Seema Mehrotra and Aruna Kumari
131 Effects of Age on Intensity and Priority of Life Needs.
Hardeo Ojha and Meena Pramanick
137 Mental Health and Life Satisfaction of Irani and Indian Students
Bahman Kord Tamini and Mohammad Ali Mohammady Far
143 Social Intelligence as a Predictor of Positive Psychological Health
Deepti Hooda, Nov Rattan Sharma and Amrita Yadava
151 Influence of Need Deficiency on Adjustment: A study of Police Personnel
Shah Alam
159 Burnout, Life Satisfaction and Quality of Life among Executives of Multi National Companies
Madhu Anand and Dipti Arora
Book Reviews
165 Anita Sharma and Dalip Malhotra (2007). Personality and Social Norms,
Reviewed by Arun Tipandjan
165 M. Rajamanickam (2008). Modern General Psychology,
Reviewed by S. Suresh
166 Sushma Pandey (2008). Psycho-Social Aspects of Domestic Violence,
Reviewed by Dr. R.C. Mishra
166 Varghese K.J., and G. Venkatesh Kumar (2008). The Effectiveness of Counselling,
Reviewed by Ram Lakhan
167 R.E.S. Tanner (2007). Social Behaviour of Children,
Reviewed by Ram Lakhan
167 Shah Alam (2008). Basics of Guidance and Counselling,
Reviewed by Professor Shamim A. Ansari
26 Prof. Anima Sen Award for Excellence in Research
169 Information for the Authors