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JIAAP Full text April 2008

April, 2008


Volume 34, Special Issue

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2008 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

Special Features
9 How School Psychology can Help the School-System and thus Societal Transformation
Erika E. Voigt
16 The Changing Images of Parenting in the three Subcultures of India
Neeti Sachdeva and Girishwar Misra
Emotional Intelligence
25 Emotional Intelligence: Does it Make Sense in Clinical Psychology?
Nutankumar S. Thingujam
34 Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Life of Parents of Children with Special Needs
Vidhya Ravindranadan and Raju,S
Stress, Coping Strategies, and Life Satisfaction
40 Positive and Negative Affect, and Grit as predictors of Happiness and Life Satisfaction
Kamlesh Singh and Shalini Duggal Jha
46 Need for Coping with Life Crises: Implications for the Quality of Life
Meetu Khosla
53 Stress in Parents of the Mentally Challenged
Upadhyaya, G.R. and Havalappanavar, N.B.
60 Efficacy of Yoga: Cognitive and Human Relationship Training for Correcting Maladjustment Behaviour
in Deviant School Boys

R. Kannappan and R. Lakshmi Bai
66 Relationship between Religious Attitude and Happiness among Professional Employees
Mojtaba Aghili and G. Venkatesh Kumar
70 Academic Stress and Adjustment among High School Students
Akbar Hussain, Ashutosh Kumar and Abid Husain
Social Values and Teacher Efficacy
74 Social Value of Parents and Children in Joint and Nuclear Families
Anshubhi Bahadur and Nisha Dhawan
81 Teacher efficacy beliefs: A comparison of teachers in India and Iran
Y.N.Sridhar and Hamid Reza Badiei
Regular Articles
90 Mental Disposition of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) With HIV/AIDS
Sibnath Deb
101 Epistemological Study to Evolve Creative Learning Process (CLP) for Engineering Students
V. Job Kuruvilla and B. Mukhopadhyay
110 The Resilient Individual - A Personality Analysis
Annalakshmi Narayanan
119 The Pattern of Association of Religious Factors with subjective well being: A Path Analysis Model
Sreekumar, R
126 Self-Regulated Behaviour at Work
S. Kathiravan and V. Suresh
132 Impact of Tsunami on the Mental Health of Victims
S.B. Raj and S. Subramony
141 Marital Satisfaction and Anxiety among Single and Dual Career Women
Sheema Aleem and Lubna Danish
145 Self Esteem and Decision Making Styles of School Teachers
C.S. Ramanigopal
151 Theatre-Based Psychological Intervention to Control Negative Attitude towards Sport Injury
Santhosh. A. M., Rajitha Menon. A., and Jayan.C
157 Information to Authors