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JIAAP Full text January, February & July 2006

January, February & July 2006


Volume 33, Number 1

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2007 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

1 Editorial
7 Information for Authors


Januray 2006

Empirical Studies
9 Hierarchical and Sectoral Differences in Managerial Work
16 Psychologicial Well-being of Women Reporting Sexual Abuse in Childhood
Nazirul Hasnain and Divya Kumar
26 Development of Picture Drawing Test to Assess Consciousness Layers of Tribal Children of Tripura
Debdulal Dutta Roy
30 Effect of Gender and Type of Encoding on Retention of Traits
Bhupinder Singh and Seema Mishra
33 Emotional Stability of Visually Disabled in Relation to their Study Habits
Sunita Sharma
37 Stress Management for Problem Solving Executives with Coercieve Leadership Style
N. Panchanatham, N.Kumarasamy and L.B. Vanitha
43 Effect of Cognitive Load and Paragidm on Time Perception
Azizuddin Khan, Narendra K Sharma and Shikha Dixit
47 Self Concept of Physically Challenged Adolescents
Akbar Hussain
53 Perceived Parental Behaviour as Related to Students Academic School Success and Competence
Aishwarya Raj Lakshmi and Meenakshi Arora
61 Influence of Mood on Estimation of Time
Ashum Gupta and Meetu Khosla
61 Goal Setting Tendencies, Work Motivation and Organizational Climate as Perceived by the Employees
Swaha Bhattacharya and Debi Guha Neogi
66 Impact of Emotional Maturity on Stress and Self Confidence of Adolsescents
Geeta S. Pastey and Vijayalaxmi A. Aminbhavi
71 Psycho-Social Correlates of Perimenstrual Distress
Immanuel Thomas and Girija Narayanan
Conceptual Articles
81 From Training to Self-Empowerment: Self Esteem as the Turning Point in Second Language Teacher Development
P. Bhaskaran Nair


Special Issue: February, 2006

Invited Article
84 Psychological Aspects of Language Acquisition
David Annoussamy
Empirical Studies
93 Subjective Well being in Relation to Emotional Inelligence and Locus of Control Amoung Executives
Usha Kulshrestha and Chandrani Sen
99 Factors Unlerlying Marks in Madhyamik Examination of West Bengal
Rumki Gupta
106 Coping Strategies for Stress and Adjustment among Diabetics
Chouhan V.L and Vyas Shalini
112 Trait Anxiety and Trait Anger: A Comparison of Peptic Ulcer and Bronchial Ashtma Patients
S.N. Ghosh and Sagar Sharma
119 Spirituality in Health Care Organisations
Kashi Komala R.A. and Ganesh L.S.
127 Career Maturity of Indian Adolescents as a Function of Self-Concept, Vocational Aspiration and Gender
B. Hasan
135 Emotional Competence, Personality and Job Attitudes as Predictors of Job Performance
C. Jayan


July 2006

Special Features
145 State Self Esteem and Causal Attributions in Reattribution Training among Self-worth Protective Students.
S. P. Sinha and Sandhya Gupta
153 A Follow-Up Study of Trained Guidance Counsellors
G.K. Joneja
Special Section: Human Resource Management, Stress and Coping
171 Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Commitment in Different Organizations
M.G. Shahnawaz, and Rakesh C. Juyal
179 Do High Managerial Performers have High Emotional Competencies?
C. Jayan
185 Positive Affect and Coping with Stress
Meetu Khosla
193 Distressful Life Events in Affective Disorders
Anjali Kumari and Masroor Jahan
Regular Articles
201 Emotional Autonomy in Relation to Family Environment : A Gender Perspective
Suninder Tung and Rupan Dhillon
213 Slum Dwellers and Community Development
Swaha Bhattacharya
221 Effect of Widowhood on Repression - Sensitization Tendency
Manju Mehta, Rashmi Chowdhry and Usha Kulshreshtha
227 Spiritual Intelligence: A Contemporary Concern with regard to Living Status of the Senior Citizens
Madhu Jain and Prerna Purohit
235 TAT Responses in Relation to Induced Motivational Set and Reasoning Ability
N. Annalakshmi
241 Globalisation and the Prevalence of Superstitious Beliefs
Sonia George and Krishna Prasad Sreedhar
249 The Role of Self Efficacy and Gender Difference among Adolescents
Rajesh Kumar and Roshan Lal
255 Performance and Self Efficacy of Secondary Students
Roshan Lal Zinta
265 Dynamics of Physical Growth of Infants in Rural Haryana
Anju Manocha and Santosh Sangwan
Brief Communications
269 Educational and Gender Differences in Body Image and Depression among Students
Naved Iqbal, M.G. Shahnawaz and Aisha Alam
234 Prof. Anima Sen Award for Excellence in Research