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JIAAP Full text January - July 2005

January - July, 2005


Volume 31, Numbers 1 and 2

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Copyright © 2007 by the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

7 Social Support and Job Involvement in Prison Officers
P.C. Mishra and Minum Shyam
12 Does Being Handicapped affect Self-actualisation of Blind School Children?
Nishat Afroz and Ranjana Mittra
18 Perceived Family Environment in Relation to Adjustment and Academic Achievement
Rani Mohanraj and Latha
24 Reasons for Drug Non-Compliance of Psychiatric Patients: A Centre Based Study
Rekha Roy, Masroor Jahan, Sushma Kumari, and Prashant Kumar Chakraborty
29 Influence of Marital Status and Sex Role Orientation on Women Power
Naheed Nizami and Rehana Ahmad
37 Social Roles and Role Conflict: An Interprofessional Study among Women
Sunita Malhotra and Sapna Sachdeva
43 Effect of Temperature on Memory
Promila Batra and Reema Garg
49 Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: Validating Factorial Structure and Invariance among Employees
Saadia Tayyab
65 Effect of Psychological Interventions in Enhancing Mental Toughness Dimensions of Sports Persons
E. Bhambri, P.K. Dhillon, and S.P Sahni
71 Career Maturity of School Children
Upma Dhillon and Rajinder Kau
77 Career Decision Making as a Function of Personality Dimension and Gender
A.K.S. Kushwaha and B. Hasan
83 Effect of Training on Workload in Flight Simulation Task Performance
Indramani L. Singh, Hari Om Sharma and Anju L. Singh
92 A Developmental Investigation of Parental Occupational Status as Determinants of Repulsiveness in Real Life Situation
S. B. Singh
100 Emotional Stability among College Youth
Sheema Aleem
103 Information for Authorsyahan